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i didnt expect this, but we're online one last time...
as always we don't have much time to write but i wanted to say that i'm definetely gonna write some more details about our trip and about graduation on my website when i'm back home...
so, don't stop reading (even if we're back)
i'm also gonna put some more pictures then...

on saturday night sinja and my family might go out to eat somewhere, or we're having barbeque at one of our house's... after that sinja wants to go to "gnoom"... i might go with her...
y'all know that i'm not crazy about that place, but i'm gonna go. and it would be cool if some of y'all are gonna come too to see us

well, two days ago we had our date, and it was actually kinda cool. we were at the beach and there were fireworks and we had a good time.
still, i feel like i need some time for myself right now. i don't feel like meeting many people right now and i don't know why. maybe it just reminds me of leaving america so soon and it makes me sad.

today is independance day, i'm looking forward for tonight...
hope to see y'all saturday!
see ya
4.7.07 20:11



WOW!!! guys, thank you sooo much for that awesome welcome party. i love all of you soo much!
i was so surprised... thanks to everyone who came...
7.7.07 20:07

We've been back home for more than 2 weeks now, and it seems like we haven't missed anything over here.
Everything is still the same, nothing has changed.
I think Sinja and I became more independant and more confident over the year.
One year ago I would never have been brave enough to be in a play or to sing Karaoke in front of people.

Right now, we're about to get a job, and we still have to study a lot before we're ready for the next school year.

I miss my people in America a lot. I'm writing email with Gloria everyday, and Julia, Allie and Aaron are writing me too sometimes.

Well, I don't know who still goes on my website to read it, but i just felt like writing something
25.7.07 11:35


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