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i'm not at school right now, but i'll go at 11 because they're taking the 3rd period exam right now, and i don't have to take it
but on monday--> computer applications 1 exam :S help!

and mom is coming monday. y'all can't imagine what's going on here. they all can't wait to meet my mom! and EVERYONE wants to hang out with me this weekend because it's my last weekend!
so, i will go to a baseball game with sarah beth, one girl that i've never talked to before asked me if we could go ice skating on sunday because the whole year long she wanted to get to know me, and was too shy to start a conversation, and i will also go to julias dance reciteal, and i actually wanted to buy my beach dress, and get my hair cut, but i don't really know how to do that all in 2 days!
but i'm glad it's gonna be busy.. better than just sitting around!
and i also wanna go to aarons house again, or i want him to come here, and go in the pool with me or something...

and i'm a little sad because we're not gonna go to church on sunday, so i won't see all these people again

sinja is in houston right now. i think that's really great!

well, i gotta get ready now. i'm still in my pajamas
1.6.07 15:18


only one more day...

... 'till my mum is gonna come!
i hope she and sinjas parents will have a good flight...
the weather here is chaotic right now... there was this big storm (some say it was a hurricane) in florida, and now the storm and the rain is coming up here to NC... :P
i actually wanted to go to the baseball game today but i bet it gets cancelled...
3.6.07 16:47


... is over! i had my last school day.
there were a 100 questions (part 1) , and then we had to create a power point presentation, write a business letter, and make a spreadsheet with microsoft excel (part 2).
part 2 was easy, in part 1 i gave up after a while and started guessing..
but i don't think i failed
right now i'm cleaning up and trying to get all the cat hair out of the carpet since my mum has allergies -.-
then, in 4 hours, we're gonna go to the airport :D

sinja i love u!
kisses to all of you!
4.6.07 19:39

my mom...

is here! but she has jetlag and is aslepp haha
we just went for a walk with the dogs, and when we came back she said that she was so tired and needed to go back to bed xD
we were SO crying at the airport yesterday. especially we didnt expect her to be there yet. we came to the airport 30 minutes early, and on that table it said, that her plane had already arrived! and there she was!
even gloria and tabby started crying when we started crying, and gloria said that she didnt really think about it that we hadn't seen each other for so long...
there's one thing: my mom really should practice her english!! it is so funny haha she is talking german to everyone, and everyone is looking at her like "what?! o.O"

aaron is gonna come over in 2 hours and go swimming in the pool with me, and we might show mommy some "places" in snow hill with his car...

i also wanna call sinja and her parents later, and ask them how their flight was...
5.6.07 15:57

there was so much going on, and i have no time to write about it.
our plane is gonna leave in 18 hours and that's what i've packed yet: NOTHING :S
i guess that's cause i don't wanna leave. i'm honestly planning on going to college here, and i'm not just saying that...
i'm gonna be back one day!
well, here's a short version of what happened this week:
tuesday was my aaron day. i spent the whole day with him. we went to a mall, to ECU (a college, and showed it to my mum), went swimming, watch a DVD, slept, had dinner,... it was fun
wednesday we went to busch gardens in virginia. they had some really ggod roller coasters, and it was a little like "europa park" they had the different european countries built up, and one part really looked like germany. so, we went to the "oktoberfest" there haha
thursday, i hung out with a girl (shavera), an in the evening my mum, my hostfamily and my local coordinator went out for dinner.
friday morning we had senior breakfast, then practice, and in the evening at 7 pm graduation!!!! i was nervous, but in the end it turned out to be not bad at all, just very sad!! i saw all my friends for the last time.
graduation was kinda short. it was just 45 minutes. i expected it to be like 3 hours. they had some speeches, and then we got our diploma...

well, i gotta go and pack...
9.6.07 20:11

if you're going... SAN FRANCISCO *sing* :D
yepp, we're here in san francisco. i can't write much since we're in an internet cafe...
we already went in those cable cars, went over the golden gate bridge, went shopping (they even have a h&m here.. that's kinda freaky), saw those famous streets, were in the hard rock cafe, made a boat trip, and muuuch more...
in 2 days we'll be in las vegas and go on that roller coaster on the hotel...
we're having lots of fun, and it's gonna be the time of our life!
by the way: sinjas parents and my mom surprised us...
they told us that sinja and her parents would land in atlanta and then fly to san francisco, and my mom and i would fly to salt lake city (we flew over the rocky mountains xD) and then to san francisco, and all of a sudden we ALL landed in salt lake city and saw each other at the airport. sinja and i were both surprised, and our parents were just laughing
saying goodbye to our people in snow hill and san antonio was really hard though.. 1000s of tears

i'm happy about every mail i get from y'all! but don't be mad if i don't write back..i'll just read them and write blog entries, so that everyone knows what's going on, and not just the people who write mail...
13.6.07 02:08

we are...

... on our way to las vegas now! yayy!!
yesterday we've been to that sequoia national park and saw the grand trees... it was amazing!
gotta go, sorry..
kiss <3
14.6.07 17:35

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