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yesterday, i've been to the best baseball game ever
it was just awesome!
we were losing with 2:4, but in the last minute, we got 3 points which is almost impossible, but somehow they did it and we were all cheering, and having a great time!
today we had a senior meeting, and next week we will have to wear our cap and gown to school and march in... i'm already nervous!
what else? i'm planning my birthday party right now.. actually i wanted to take all my friends to the beach, but we're not allowed to go alone, so we're just gonna go to the movies... the problem is, if i invite 15 people, and have to pay $7 (+ popcorn), i'll be poor afterwards..
maybe i'm gonna do it like sinja and take them to chili's before the movies, but they would have to pay that on their own!
well, i'll see...
if anyone has a suggestion or idea, please let me know! but it can't be too expensive! remember that it is 15 people (actually it is 20, but i cannot afford that!)
sleep good!
2.5.07 23:38



finally, it's weekend (and today is sinja's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETHEART)...
the whole week went by so slowly.. it was horrible...
I was like "I really need a day to relax!!!"
Yesterday, guess where I was? at a baseball game! lol
but it was not a home game.. it was in farmville. sarah beth picked me up when the game started, and we were driving there about 20 minutes, and had no idea where the high school was.. haha
i mean, we found it, but almost half of the game was already over...
and our team lost !
and guess what the whole baseball team did? they ALL shaved their heads!!! all the girls were like " oh no! " lol
on the way back to snow hill, we were 5 people in the car . that one guy was really crazy, but it was so much fun with them! we turned up the music as loud as we could (and that music was DIRTY!!! man! o.O i'm glad i didn't know all the words haha but it was things like "lick my pussy" , "give it to me.. from the front , from the back,..." ) we had all our windows open, and were just "cruising" through the night hehe
then, we went to our high school because all night long there was Relay for Life on the football field. that is a big festival with games, entertainment, food and everything, and all the money they get goes to cancer organizations. there were candels for every family member of greene county that died on cancer, and there were fireworks...
there were also ten guys who dressed up as girls... and now i wanna write that quote that tyler said about that: "two of them are outta the closet anyway!" haha i thought it was so funny that "outta the closet" means openly gay xD
however, we also watched dirty dancing yesterday! did you know that the whole movie was filmed in north carolina? for example the scene were they practice dancing in the lake?! that was the lake in asheville...
i will go upstairs now and help gloria, tomorrow we will go to church and have our last sunday school class.
have a great weekend everybody!
5.5.07 19:41

yayy! I just finished up my b-day invitations.
who i'm gonna invite: Aaron, Amber, Sarah Beth and her boyfriend, Tyler, Julia and George, Ashley, Blair, Jessicka, Brittany, Travis, and Allie.
There are more people on my list, but I want to wait because there will probably be some people who can't come anyway.
and as you know i don't have much money left to pay for too many people!
I went to the very last baseball game yesterday, and it was a really bad game! We lost 15:1
Sarah Beth and I got lost in Kinston after the game, and we had no clue where we were, but fortunately we saw the baseball bus after a while and followed them.
What else is there to tell?
Today in 4th period the whole school went to see a navy band in the gym. They were alright, but not what i expected.
On friday we have to march in in cap and gown, and the whole school + all the parents are gonna watch! i'm nervous about that! especially because they name everyone and you have to walk on stage! and guess what?! My cap is way to big! I only need to move and it falls off :S It seems like i'm the only one who's nervous. but they all know what to expect. i have no clue! and when i ask, the only thing they say is "it's no big deal! don't be nervous!" great -.-
however, after that we will have a senior picknick and all kinds of stuff)

I'm gonna see my mum in 26 days! and sinja and her parents in 32 days!
On the one hand I'm excited, on the other hand really really really sad!!

I'm still in love with that cat!!! If my dad didn't have allergies, i would bring it home, I swear! [ oh gosh that sounds like i'm turkish haha]
love y'all! you're the best!
9.5.07 22:57

i got invited to a graduation party next week. but that's the same weekend when convention (that church weekend for teenagers) is.
convention was planned for a few months, but for some reason i'd much rather go to jessica's party...
i don't know what to do... i hope i can do both!

sabine i got your letter yesterday. i was gonna open it, and then i saw "don't open before may 24th" aaah that was mean haha
but thanks a lot! i won't open it yet...
tomorrow is senior day aaaaaahhh :S i'm NERVOUS!!!
10.5.07 21:50

Senior Day

We had to march in this morning. In our Cap and Gown! it looks so funny haha
i was really nervous, but it wasnt that bad. gloria came to watch.
and there was a senator. his name is john edwards, and he's a top presidential candidate. well, he had his speech. and then the school was giving out awards and everything. The whole thing was very ceremonious.
after that (it lasted about 2 hours) we marched out [i almost started crying again because of that senior song.. it's soo slow, and sad!], and had senior picknick, played games like kickball, or waterballoon fights on the football field, and it was HOT the whole time! now i have a sunburn in my cheeks are totally red!
the cool thing was we were allowed to leave at 1:30pm while all the freshmen, sophomores and juniors had class, and had to stay till the end :P
tomorrow we will go to julia's house and they will have a hawaiian party, with a pool and a waterslide up :D and then, i'm gonna sleepover at allie's.
i haven't talked to my parents in a while? when are you gonna call? i thought one of you wanted to call me yesterday?! or am i just confused?
mom, please buy ilrido before you're gonna come here! i'm getting my sun allergie! i guess i will have to take calcium from tomorrow on! :P i hate it! ah, and mom, by the way (it's the most unimportant thing lol but i still wanna tell you): i bought you a toothbrush today, so you don't need to bring one hahaha yeppp :D
there was more that i wanted to write about but i forgot what it was...
so, i guess that't it!
good night!
12.5.07 03:30

I've been trying to call you, but my phone card doesn't work anymore!?! that means, i can't call anyone!
but yeah, call me monday!!!
13.5.07 18:09

I've been so sad lately!!! 25 more days! and the only one who can really understand me is the one who's in the same situstion: SINJA!
i talked to her on the phone for the first time in a while yesterday, and i just don't know what i would do without her! she's the best(est) friend one could ever imagine, and I'm so glad i have her! I always feel so much better after talking to her. She always has a way to make you happy!
i love you, sweetheart!

we got our yearbooks on monday and that made me even more sad! It's all the pictures and all the memories of the whooole long year.
Today at school all my friends signed it, and again I was about to cry...

I just don't wanna leave anymore. I wish I could go to college, and just stay!
I've been living with my host family for more than 8 months now, and they're almost like my real family! They got so close to me.
I mean, of course, we DID have arguments, we DID have fights, and we DID get on each other's nerves sometimes. but I think that's just normal when you live together.
all in all, I think I know EVERYTHING about them. we tell each other everything, and now imagine leaving someone like that, who has been your family for 8 months, 24 hours a day, with the thought of maybe never seeing them again. at least not in the next year/ couple of years ..
and friends... don't you think friends get very close to you if you see them every single day? and now they're all going to all kinds of different colleges all over the country. do you really think i believe in seeing them all again? NO
does it make me sad? YES!
and now... the countryside/ everything around...
I know I didn't always like Snow Hill because it's a very small town, and i wanted to come to a big city. but when you actually live somewhere for a while, don't you get used to living there,and start seeing the good things about it / start liking it? YES
I love it here! I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE! I wanna go to college, be in the next play with the same people from the last play, wanna drive, wanna be with my friends, wanna get "da country boy" , etc.
there's so many things that i still would like to do, but there's no time to do them all!
I feel like I belong here, but somehow I feel like I don't! and that's the part that drives me crazy the most!
I know all that sounds like I never wanna see anyone of y'all in Germany again, but that's NOT how it is...
I still DO love you all, ok? I just wanted to try to explain what and how I feel about the situation, and I hope that it won't continue that EVERYONE has to ask me EVERY DAY when i'm gonna come back...
i just don't wanna think about it! it makes me really sad!
so, please just let me enjoy my 3 last weeks over here!
sinja knows what i'm talking about. once again: i love u (i can't say it often enough). i know we will be sad when we are in san francisco because it's the first day being away from all "our people", but we can do it, and i really believe that this is not the last time that we are here!
17.5.07 02:02

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