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guys, the theater play was soo amazing.
you can't believe how nervous i was at our first show on friday night.
the lights went off, and we went on stage, and i felt like i'm gonna die...
but then, everything was fine, especially the curtain call!!!!! that's the most amazing thing in the world. when you stand there in the end, and they are all cheering sooo loud!!
on friday night we had the best audience ever. they were laughing about every little funny thing and really enjoyed themselves!!!
after the play we all ran back into the gym (there's a door that connects the backstage part of the stage with a gym) and we all were hugging each other, and everyone told everyone what a good job we did, and stuff like that!! it was soo cool!
after the show, several people brought us flowers.gloria and jody brought me some, and aaron also came

then, after the play, we went to fuddruckers altogether, and had a little after party...

saturday morning it was the same thing again. the show started at 2pm, but we had to be there 90 minutes early to get in our costumes, get make up on and to warm up!
but this time i wasn't nervous at all. i had enjoyed it so much the night before, and i knew that everything was gonna be fine!
Ms. Smith (the German lady) came to the show. that was so cute of her.
this time, after the play, we all had a little pizza party, and somehow it was a little sad, because now everything was suddenly over. all those weeks of hard work. and all the friends i made. i wouldn't see them everyday anymore. i wish i could be here for the next play...
i thank my host fam soo much for convincing me to audition for the play. that was the best thing i could do!

last night i spent at julias house. we had a little german party with schnitzel, spaetzle, kartoffelsalat and schwarzwaelder kirschtorte...

today i went to a presbyterian church with them, and they had really cool music!

in 4 days is prom ,and pascal is gonna come in 4 days!!!
(don't forget to bring swim shorts because we're probably gonna go to the beach!! :D)

i love u all!!!!
1.4.07 23:04


look at my new pictures in the "Pix" area
2.4.07 01:30


the whole day was very stressful but it was worth it... pascal and i felt like we were in an american movie haha
i didn't go to school in the morning although we were supposed to (pssst! ), at noon we picked up the flowers we ordered, and at 2pm gloria and i went on our way to the salon... it took forever because that girl that got her hair done before me, didn't like it, and so they started all over again...
well, finally i got an up-due (i have no clue how you write that, it means hochsteckfrisur), then french manicure and pedicure, and my make up...
we came back home at 5 pm, i went in the bathroom, and got in my dress, and nobody was aloud to see me yet (like at a wedding haha), and then we wanted everything to be perfect, and we did it like they always show it on TV.. i went upstairs (still nobody had seen me yet), and pascal went outside, rang the bell, and i walked down the stairs... it was soo much fun!
jody and gene were there too, and we took 1000s of pictures!
well, then we went eating dinner at olive garden, and got more nervous and more nervous!!!
we arrived at rock springs were the prom was at 9:30 pm...
they played a lot of hip hop, but fortunately also some slow songs...
i introduced pascal to everyone, and they all loved my dress...
the only disappointing thing was that it was over at midnight
julia and her mum picked us up and we spent the night at their house...
at 1 am, in the middle of the night, we went to wal mart in out prom clothes, and tried on sunglasses and stuff haha
and at 2 am, at their house, we made a pajama race outside...
at 3:30am we started watching a movie, and julia and i fell asleep at about 4:30am...
yepp, that was OUR BIG DAY!!!
it was soo cool!

well, i hope you all had a good easter!!! ( we had an easter egg hunt, and now i am sick and i run a little fever)
today we're gonna go to the mall, and tomoro or wednesday to the beach!!!
9.4.07 15:32

for my mum

yesterday on the way to the airport we listened to this song, and it almost made me cry, so i thought i could write some of those lyrics in here, and dedicate them to my mum!!!

ozzy osbourne- mama i'm coming home ( i changed some parts a little bit)

Times have changed and times are strange
Here I come, but I ain't the same
Mama, I'm coming home
Times gone by seem to be
You couldn't have been a better friend to me
Mama, I'm coming home

I can't stand to say goodbye
Mama, I'm coming home
I could be right, I could be wrong
Hurts so bad, it's been so long
Mama, I'm coming home

I've seen your face a hundred times
Everyday we've been apart
I don't care about the sunshine, yeah
'Cause Mama, Mama, I'm coming home
13.4.07 18:27


the last few days were pretty cool
the day after prom, it was tabbys birthday, and she celebrated in the bowling alley on saturday...
On sunday, easter, my hostfamily woke us up early, and we went outside in our pajamas and had an easter egg hunt. i felt like a little child, and that was fun, somehow then we went to church...
on monday, pascal and i went shopping, and yeah, how should i call it? we spent all out money haha
tuesday was finally our beach day!!! :D it was a little cold, and i was sick anyways, so we couldnt go swimming, but we had a lot of fun!!! i don't wannna make you guys jealous, but the beach is only 90 minutes from our house, and it is sooo pretty! the sand is as white as snow, and there are palm trees everywhere..
julia and i took walk along the beach, and we were collecting seashells, and those pretty stones(we wanna make necklaces with them). the boys were playing ball, and the little ones were burying tabby in the sand...
we had snacks and everything with us, and we took a lot of funny pictures, for example when pascal tried to feed the seaguls, and they started attacking him, and on that picture his face looks like he was crying haha
on wednesday, we had a sleepover at julias...
so, as you can see.. it was a busy week, but FUN...
but still the greatest thing was prom...
thanks to my hostfamily,and the yiznitskys for this awesome week!!! and of course to pascal for coming here...
right now, i'm sitting hee in my pajamas, tabby is standing behind me, and corrects my mistakes haha and in an hour or so, we're gonna go to the movies...
oh by the way, happy birthday to my grandpa.. he's 88 today!!! i calles him this morning and he was drunk haha

and one more thing: write me emails, and guestbook entries, please!! nobody is writing me anymore..
13.4.07 18:41

I know i'm not writing that much anymore.. but only because i don't really know what to write about...
this week was cool.. i went to a baseball game on tuesday, we had shag (dance) club on thursday, and yesterday we went to a barbeque party at gloria's boss's house, and i had a sleepover there because his daugther is the one that i got to know on out trip to charleston last september...
we were talking a lot and at 10 o clock we decided we could go to the movies because there's a new movie theater that just opened yesterday, and since it was the first day we got free popcorn...
we watched the movie "fracture". It's a thriller.. and you know how i usually am about thrillers: i could pee in my pants because i'm so scared, but yesterday i was so tired that i almost fell asleep several times...
yepp, tomorrow we're gonna go to church and the upcoming week, i will go to two baseball games again.

well, as you can see, there's not muc more to write about right now...
our class at home is just having their "praktikum" and i love to hear all the stories that y'all are writing me per email

i guess, that's all for today
21.4.07 17:28

what a week!

well this was a crazy week.. all kinds of stuff happened... good, bad, sad, ...
well, let's start with monday:school started very great..with a fight!!-.- some students had a fight in the hallway. some of them even ended up in hospital, and as far as i heard, most of them got kicked out of the school...
well, then i was in my first period class, and i noticed that this guy who's sitting behind me looked really sad, but i didn't think anything bad about that. i mean, i didn't even really know him. never talked to him before, but sometimes he plugged in my computer-charger for me.
the next morning, tuesday, i came into my class and i was wondering what was going on. a lot of teachers were standing there, a lot of students in groups...
and i just sat down, and then ashley (who's sitting next to me) said "julie, do you even know what this is all about?" and i was like "ehm.. no!" and then she told me the shocking news: "remember that guy that was sitting behind you yesterday? he killed himself yesterday night!"
i just couldnt believe it. i felt so sad, and all day long i thought about the dead and how much worth life is.. even if you have problems...
every problem can be solved!! even if it's hard, and you think you can't do it!!! you can!
it's too great and too short to throw it away!

wednesday night, and today, i was at baseball games. wednesday we lost really bad, and today it was over after half time because we were winning with 14: 0, and there's a rule when you have more than 10 points more than the other team after half time, then the game is over.. so, i was kind of disappointed that i had to pay $5 for just one hour...

aaron got his lip pierced this week, it looks awesome, and it's fun because it's forbidden to have piercings at school, and always when we meet a teacher in the hallway i have to stand in front of him, or we pretend to whisper to each other behind a newspaper and stuff haha

i also got an foreign language honor letter from my spanish teacher, which means i could apply for college( and get a scholarship)
sinja and i would love to go to college.
but i told my parents, and i they didn't like the idea of me being here for four more years, as much as i did. so, i guess i will have to come back home... i mean, i'm glad i will see y'all again, but i wish i could stay here...
all the baseball games, all the people i'm hanging out with lately, my host family, jody and gene, i will miss everything soo much. i could start crying when i only think about it...
have a good night, or i should better say a great day.. y'all will probably wake up in a few hours
28.4.07 03:48


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