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last night i had a sleepover at allie's. we watched 3 movies: a walk to remember (such a great movie, i was sooo crying in the end), she's the man (very good, too.. and funny) and aladdin and the 40 thieves (we felt like watching a disney movie)...
yes, and today after i met gloria and tabby at church we went to the mall and i got my ears pierced... i almost fainted (again haha) but i could lie down on the floor in time, and gloria was holding my legs, so everything was fine in the end...
tomorrow is school :P i really don't wanna go :S
i think i need a vacation lol
alright, see you, see you :D
4.3.07 23:42


school off :)

we don't have school today wuhuuu it's some kind of teachers work day...
and tonight i will go to my school's baseball game :D wish me luck *hehe
yesterday was a very interesting day. we had early out (at 1 pm) and then aaron brought me to tabbys school where i met tabby and her PE teacher and we were doing sports in the gym for about 2 1/2 hours (you can imagine how bad my muscle-ache is today :P i can barely walk). we were playing basketball, baseball (it was the first time ever that i played baseball, but it was FUN!! i thought i would never hit that ball with that small "stick" or whatever they call it, but it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be), badminton, boccia, ... maan, i just notice they all start with "b" o.O
however, then we went to rehearsal, and now guess what?! i told some of you about alex ( the guy who reminds me of someone.. *insiders only*), and all the girls think that we're in love. i was like "why do you think that?" and they were like" because of the way you're talking and looking at each other"...
well, you see.. very interesting day, wasn't it?

amber will pick me up in 3 hours to go to the game. i will take a shower now

sinja, we're gonna talk tonight, ok?
9.3.07 19:14

Hi y’all
I hope you all had a good weekend! I did…
Saturday night we changed our clocks to “summer time” (here they call it “daylight saving time”) and now we only have 5 hours time difference to Germany…
Yesterday it was light outside till 7:30pm, and it was also pretty warm.
I helped Gloria painting the porch (in t-shirts , some people even walked around in shorts)…
And Sinja, as it is tradition ( usually on your scooter hehe): “ES WIRD SOMMER!”

Also yesterday, we had to study our scripts for the theater because this week is the first week, when we need to know it without our little book. My problem was not to study the lines (there aren’t many), but when I have to exit enter, and everything because I have to do that like all the time…

I don’t know if I already wrote something about the baseball game. If so, I just do it again
It was a lot of fun. Amber explained me everything… and certain people played very good ^^
An odd thing about baseball: the players clap on each other’s butts and they call each other “baby” o.O

Later I’m gonna go dancing
Love u all!
13.3.07 22:29

yo, yo ,yo what's up?! xD haha sorry

i've been working on my myspace layout the whole day. now, it has been looking boring for almost 2 years, and finally it's got some color and more pictures in it

this week we got our first report card for the 2nd semester. i got a 100 in WRAM, Spanish 2 and in Journalism; and in computer i got a 89 :P
Today was just a relaxing day because we've been soo busy because of all the theater practice in the last time... every day...
well, talking about the theater. last week, andrea (the director) asked me if this was my first play ever, and when i said yes she said that im doing a very good job, and tadaaa three days later i get an offer to get a bigger part (there is one girl that missed 6 rehearsals, and you get kicked out if you miss more than three).
but i didn't take the part.. i've been practicing mine for four weeks, and i just started to memorize everything. and the play is in 2 weeks. that would be too stressful to learn everything new...

yesterday julia (from the theater) had a sleepover here at our house, and we watched the movie "Cadie and Leopold" or something like that. I liked it...

what else happened this week? hmm.. we had shag club. but people i expected to come, only came for the last 2 minutes (insiders only).
and gloria said that we might go to the beach in spring break (in 3 weeks)...
everyone of my friends has already been to the beach last week because it was soo hot the whole week... everyone went to school in short clothes and flip flops.
and i bought some new flip flops when tabby and i went to the mall on wednesday...

tomorrow we will go to the spanish mass. i know. we won't understand a word, but i love the music that they play in the spanish mass... maybe i can record it, so y'all can see it some day.
well, i hope you're all having a good weekend!
*kiss kiss
17.3.07 20:49

hey guys
... and again it's the weekend. only one more week till the play, and two more weeks till prom and easter break! :D
i wanna write down the sentence of the week (probably it is not funny for you because you weren't there)
gloria, tabby and i were sitting in the car after eating at sonic (that's a "car restaurant", where you stay in the car , and they serve you on inline skates). we went to wade's tv station, and he came outside for a minute to talk to us, and when he stuck his head into the car he said " maan, it smells like nachos in here!!!"
gloria: "tabby farted"!!
on tuesday i was homesick because i had trouble with my teacher. she's black, and she would answer the questions of all the blacks, but when i go up to her one time and ask her very nice to explain me something, she goes "you have no idea how to do that? well, figure it out!" i was soo mad!
but there were also some great things this week:
-it is so hot outside that it makes me feel like going to the beach. i really hope we can go there one day in easter break!!
-i was at a german class, and it was so cool to watch them learning german
-gloria and tabby both said some really cute things to me.
tabby said that i am very special and that she wants me to never leave them again, and gloria said that she would fight for me, like she would for tabby!
isnt that soo cute of them?! i can't believe i will only spend 10 more weeks with them, and then everything is already over...

yupp, i think that's all that happened this week.
this weekend is my phone talking weekend. i talked to sinja, pascal, mathias and marc yesterday. today to my mum, my grandpa, and later mrs. smith, and tomorrow my dad and maybe again to sinja!
24.3.07 16:14


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