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Do you know what is today? Febrauary 1st! do you know what that means? Half of my time is over actually I would fly home today… I cant imagine that…
Im glad about the decision I made.

It was snowing here in the morning… my first American snow :D
First very little snowflakes… then, after 1st period, everything was white, and now it is raining outside, and all the snow is gone…

Yepp, today I joined a new club: spirit club… it costs 12 dollar and I will get a t shirt and I have to go to our school’s football, baseball and basketball games, and support our team…
So, I will finally get to see the games…
AND I will go dancing, AND hopefully I will get a part in the play…
You see, I try to enjoy the rest of my time, and not just hang out in my room…

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a photographer to take our senior pictures with cap and gown. Its soo expensive… I guess I wont have enough money to go shopping a lot
However, I miss u all,
And I’m mad at my lap top, because yesterday during school time I was able to meet at knuddels with Sinja, and my school saw that, and blocked the page
1.2.07 21:35


tabby and i got a part in the play :D yay!!! first rehearsal is on monday...
AND also on monday, i will take my drivers exam...

tonight we will go to church, and i will look for prom dresses...
3.2.07 18:42

i got a prom dress!!!!!
it's very red, and long...
but i guess you will all see my pictures anyways, when the prom is over, so you will see it...
theres something about the back of it that i don like, but i like the front :D
and i almost bought new dancing shoes, but i decided to rather spend my money on shopping

this evening gloria and i made schnitzel, and she was laughing at me when i told her that germans have things like "schnitzelklopfer" haha
4.2.07 03:57

i have my drivers test tomorrow, please cross your fingers for me, and after that we have our first theater practice...
i dont know if i mentioned that im playing a bookseller, and that i have a lot of stagetime but only a few parts to talk (because of my accent :P)

allie invited me to her birthday in 2 weeks. it's gonna be a sleepover, and im looking forward to her party. any ideas what i could buy for her as a present? (she s gonna be 18. she likes europe, languages, singing,church, dvds, johnny depp, orlando bllom, disney movies, harry potter books and american football)

apropos football: tonight is the superbowl (the final game), and everyone here is gonna watch it... the two teams are chicago - indianapolis... i told wade that im gonna cheer for whatever team he likes, and he says, he wants indianapolis to win because chicago defeated new orleans (and he wanted new orleans to be at the superbowl)... however, its gonna be a tv evening with food... (we even got french baguettes :D)
4.2.07 21:00

2 minutes ago i was MAD because i could NOT take that drivers test today. we went all the way to kinston, and then they said that their computer did not work O.O
but now im happy again because brian (blizzard beach... remember, sinja?) is talking to me again. he still wants me to visit him in ny!!! :D
yepp, now i will take a shower, and then we will go to the first theater practice...
5.2.07 23:18

hi hi hi :)

today we didnt have school because it was teachers day, so i calles my mum early in the morning, and then we went to greenville to the license office. when we arrives they told us that i, as a foreigner, need my visa to apply for a permit. so, wen went (the 30 miles) back home, got my visa and went there again.
first we had to answer questions, then i had to make a traffic signs and vision test, and then the drivers test: there were 25 questions, and i was only allowed to answer 5 wrong... and how many did i get wrong? 5... you know what that means? I PASSED!!
yayy!!! now i got my permit, but it will only be valid till june because thats when my visa isnt valid anymore either...
after that, we went shopping, and at pac sun they already have their summer fashion which looks really cool, and it was hard not to buy EVERYTHING... so i only bought 2 shirts.
now, were back home... but in 20 minutes tabby and i will go to a basketball game at my highschool.

yesterday we had our first theater practice on stage. it was pretty cool. im getting very furious in my part and i have to scream at that one boy lol
9.2.07 23:15

that basketball game yesterday was awesome... it was senior night which means they intorduced all the senior players of the team...
the audience was amazing, it was louder than when you go to a skyliners game in frankfurt, and there were about 900 people in our gym...
first the girls played (they lost), and then the boys played until 10pm (and they won 83 :50)... we spent more than 4 hours in the gym but the 10 dollars really were worth it! GO RAMS!!! :D

i was so happy to read about all your emails and comments about my pictures that say that im looking so happy and relaxed! thanks for them, i enjoyed reading them... and im always glad to hear from y'all. No matter if its phone calls, emails, at msn or guestbook entries!

sinja, you're my very very verrry bst friend ,too! im looking so forward to hug you again, and then i will never let you go
i hope we can talk later... ( send me the texas number as soon as you read this) 4-ever 2-gether! <3

kiss to everyone =)
10.2.07 19:17

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