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yes, it's true. i was in hospital yesterday!
i was sitting in math and suddenly my nose started bleeding (again).. i ran outside and just screamed "bathroom" to my teacher, and she was very confused i think, and just said "ok".
then, it didnt stop, and i went to the student support center (sekretariat) and asked them to call gloria to get me... but she was in greenville and it took her more than 30 minutes to come.. meanwhile, the nurse and a doctor had come because it didnt stop..
and when gloria came it still hadn't stopped yet...
it has already been bleeding for an hour now... and the blood really was everywhere in my nose, all over my face, in my throat, on my clothes and even in my mouth...
i went home with gloria where she cleaned my face a little bit, and it didnt totally stop but it was getting better.
then we picked up tabby at her school, and it started getting even worse than before... so we immediately went to the doctor's.. but they wanted me to go to hospital because by now it has already been bleeding for more than TWO hours...
so, the ambulance came and brought us to the hospital in an emergency room... and gloria was holding my hand all the time.
they made it stop but after they wanted me to spray some stuff in my nose, it started again and they had to cauterize (aetzen) it.. and that really hurt.
jody (my area rep) was there too.
at 6 pm they finally let us go ( and now imagine that the bleeding started at 1:20pm)...
i got medicine, and i had a terrible headache...
however, today i didnt go to school, and thats why im writing you at this time...
3.1.07 17:11



i've put two pictures on my blog (look on the left side where it says "Pix"..
its only two because im too stupid to make them smaller, and to fit more than just two lol
5.1.07 23:52

senior project/driving/history/PE

hey guys
first of all, my senior project is finally over.. im so glad
i was working on it for so long, and i practiced the whole weekend..
one of my judges was our principal...
i went in this classroom (with 5 judges) shaked their hands, plugged my laptop on the screen, put my cd in the cd player, and started presenting...
i introduces myself, then talked about my research part (should english be the official language of the united states?), about my physical project (working with a translator), i presented my product (i played the song geile zeit , and as a slide show i had the english translation on the screen...), and in the end i talked about my challenges and successes, the things i learned and the impact on the future...
everything was alright... in the end i said "thank you for your time" and they were all staring at me without saying a word... so, i asked "do you have any questions?" (and i really was scared of the questions they would ask) and they asked me some things about me e.g. for how long ive been learning english, and if i could imagine to stay here in america after my exchange year, and the principal asked me what he could do that many american students would like to go to foreign countries and be an exchange stundent (and i answered something about offering more foreign languages)...
yeah, and one day later, we got our grades... and I GOT A 95! yay!! :D this grade was very important because the presentation was instead of an exam...
and we could also read the comments the judges wrote about us, and mine all said excellent job, but that i played with my hair a lot lol
oops... :S i didnt even notice that...

then, another news: i will have my first FOUR (i know it is a lot... i thought we would start with one) drivers lessons next monday (i wont have school because its a national holiday : martin luther king day).. and i think it will be horrible bevcause last sunday i tried to drive with glorias car, in the wal mart parking lot, but i was screaming all the time haha and i braked way to hard!

another issue is history: i will probably fail the exams.. great -.-
i really dont know what to do.. gloria said she will ask everyone to help me this weekend.. so, its gonna be a big study weekend.. (and some time i still have to study for the math exam which is one day before the history exam)

after the exams the semester is over and we will get our new classes, and actually i chose " computer, journalism, spanish 2 and chemistry" but since chemistry also ha s a state exam at the end of the year, i changed it to "advanced physical education" which is supposed to be a king of sports (more than normal PE)...

however, i gotta stop writing now, because were making a fire in the fire place in glorias bedroom, and were probably gonna watch a movie...
so, talk to you later
good night, sleep well, i miss you!
11.1.07 01:51


after all the discussions, i dont have to take the history state exam :D
i will only get a little exam which is prepared by my history teacher and not by the state,and i will have more time to take it (so, ill have enough time to translate some things in case i really have no idea what it means)
if you wonder why im still at home on a friday at 9:33: today is spanish exam day till 11am. and since i already have an A, i dont have to take it, and i dont have to be at school before 10:55.
and its the same next tuesday: 2nd period exam which is english. but all the seniors wont have to take it because of senior project.
AND today at 1:20 i could actually go back home again, because then there is a 2nd period exam review...
*very complicated i know*
but i will have to stay anyways, because i have to ride the bus back home (at 3), so i will probably go in the school library (internet, and studying for math and history exam next week) after my math class...

ok, thats all for now...
i will go to msn for a few minutes now, read sinjas website, and then i have to leave.
12.1.07 15:43


i forgot something:
i hope you all got the pics ive sent you yesterday...?!
12.1.07 15:44

thank you sabine for your letter with the sheet for our classes in 12th grade...
i got no clue what classes i should choose for "ABI"...
definitely english, french and sports... but what else?! :S
any suggestions? then, write me please...
i decided i wanna do something with photography, but only if my dream about being a translator wont come true...
so, what am i supposed to take for that? (no art!!!)

oh, and what i wanted to tell you: now, we got the confirm, that my mum and i will fly back from orlando to frankfurt with sinja and her family together!!! :D thats sooo cool!
so, were gonna be back in frankfurt on july 6th (or 7th?! im not sure )

in the end of january tabby and i will audition for a theater play

ok, i gotta study for my exam now...

think of me on monday when im gonna have my first drivers lesson!!
13.1.07 18:49

my first driver's lesson :)

today i had my first drivers lesson... i was soo nervour that i couldnt sleep all night long, but after all everything was fine.
the drivers teacher (mr.smith) and two other girls were sitting in the car when they picked me up, and mr smith introduced us all.
to svenja and me he said "and you two are from the same place". i thought he meant snow hill, but she was also a german exchange student (from hamburg). Shes staying in kinston but is already gonna go back home in two weeks
of course we talked english (we didnt wanna be impolite).
however, we changes drivers every 20 minutes. i started in a street with no cars, later on highways, then in a city (with lots os intersections and traffic light) and even on streets with "speed bumps".
mr smith said we all did pretty good and he was impressed.
tomorrow before school (i have to be at school late again) we will drive again.

now, im gonna go outside (probably inline skating) because its soo hot outside...
i guess it would almost be warm enough for going swimming

then, i really need to study for this exam.. i wanted to do that all the time, but i was too lazy. so, i started reading a book (the empty mirror instead)...
i hope youre all doing good...
now, im waiting for my dads call... hes supposed to call me in a few minutes...
15.1.07 18:45

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