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Report Card

Today we got our second report card..
my grades:

Spanish: 100 (A)
Hon. English:97 (A)
Algebra 2: 100 (A)
Hon. US History: 91(B)

tomorrow we will go to the lighting of the christmas tree here in snow hill (santa clause will be there, too hehe )
and on sunday i finally have my date with the translator for my senior project...

and tomorrow is sabines birthday.. and since its already december 1st in germany, i wanna wish you a happy happy birthday...may all your wishes come true ;D
1.12.06 01:43



guys, i need your help!! please write in my guestbook if you have any good ideas.. its very important!
i need a good german song that everyone here would like without understanding the lyrics..
but nevertheless there shouldnt be any bad words because i have to translate and present it..
its for my senior project and im gonna meet with the translator lady TOMORROROW.. i will translate it into english and she into spanish.. then, were gonna have 3 versions of the song..
but like i said, it is tomorrow.. and I NEED A SONG!!
please help me!

at 2 pm were gonna go to the christmas parade here in snow hill..
yesterday when santa clause "came to snow hill", i got to know the maire, and he wants me to come to his office in the next few weeks, and show me some of the government work..

i miss u soo much, and although im interested what christmas is like in the us, i would rather come home and spend it with my parents and relatives like every year! im gonna miss that..
love u
2.12.06 16:55

my weekend

At the weekend, we watched the Christmas parade here in Snow Hill (on Saturday) and i walked to the grocery store alone (for the first time).. Since i was walking everyone who was passing me by with their cars was staring at me as if theyve never seen someone walking along the street..

on Sunday we had a very busy day!
I got up early and we were going to church. After that we had lunch at taco bell.
Then we went to church again and helped wrapping presents in the secret santa shop (children under 12 can buy x-mas presents for their parents for very low prices!.. i also bought some very cute things as a decoration for my room.. yes i know im not under 12.. but im from a foreign country hehe). It was fun but really exhausting: So many children wanted to have their presents wrapped, and some of them had up to 30 presents.
However, after that i finally had a date with a translator. it was ver interesting: we were talking about many details of her job, i interviewed her, she showed me a spanish conversation with her husband and translated it for me, we translated the lyrics of "geile zeit" into english and spanish, and in the end she gave me some ideas how to present my project (in january).
all in all, i think now i even more wanna be a translator or an interpreter one day. maybe at TV or somethin'. i guess thats my dream job.

By the way, we finally got a new spanish teacher! after more than one month class with substitutes!! isnt that amazing?!

and i have strange dreams every night!!
im always back home! and last night i was sitting on the roof of our house in germany with a flying broomstick because the sea was getting so high that our (3rd floor) apartment was flooded, and my grandpa (who lives in the 2nd floor that was flooded) was something like a fish..
and in the end of my dream my dad was moving to north carolina but he couldnt stay there because of his cat allergies. so,he came back.. and our house wasnt flooded anymore..
and it really is like that every night! my dreams are always playing in germany and in the end in america..
and all my friends, and everyone from my family is in it..

Since today, tabby and i are gonna ride the school bus (the cool yellow school buses, that bring every student exactly to their houses) back home every afternoon
i think thats pretty cool.. and in the morning gloria still takes us to school by car..

so, that was long enough.. were gonna write our wish lists for christmas now because i told them that its santa clause day in germany tomorrow.. so, were gonna celebrate it!
have a good night!
love u all
6.12.06 01:43

cookie-baking with aaron

aaron came to our house on friday and we baked christmas cookies.. man, it sounds so cute when he tries to say "vanillekipferl"
however, we had soo muc fun! First we out everything inside a bowl like the recipe told us, and then, when we truied to mix it, it lookes like parmesan cheese.. very dry!
so, we put another egg, a little milk and mixed it again.. there we go! it looked fantastic!!!
but when we tasted it, it wasnt fantastic at all! :P since the american butter is full of salt, it tadted like salt (cause there was a lot of butter inside!!)..
so, we put some more vanilla extract until everything was perfect...
we mixed it, we rolled it and we put it in the oven..
so, while we were waiting, we ate pizza, talked, tried to play christmas songs on the piano, and laughed all the time (and aaron always tried to make me mad when he said jokes about hitler) until tabby went to see how the cookies were doing.. and what happened?! She screamed "Oh no! they are burned!!" and they havent even been in the oven for 40 minutes (and the book said for a whole hour!!)..
so, they were almost black and aaron said "they look like hundescheisse(oh yes, i taught him that word! )!
but nevertheless it was fun! maybe im gonna send yall some pictures very soon..
saturday, i was in ahuge mall in raleigh (capital of north carolina).. it was pretty cool, and o could finally buy the last christmas presents..
some day, this week, im gonna take the first drivers test, and when i pass it i can take my drivers lessons (after christmas), and after the lessons im gonna take the major test!
in 6 days we re gonna go to new orleans and arkansas.. but the very first night were gonna stay in a hotel in alabama ..
i think this trip will be pretty cool, and im gonna see very much of the countryside.. south carolina, georgia, alabama, louisiana,...:D
love u

by the way, sinja is SO RIGHT with her list of things that shes missing.. real bread, real salami and things like that!!! *yummi*
11.12.06 01:09

my week

this week was alright..
in history were doing the 60's right now, and our teacher really knows how to make class so much fun!
she was playing elvis and we all had to twist, we were dying t- shirts (similar to "batik") and we watch hippie movies...

yesterday, i went to the shag (dance) club for the first time, and it was pretty cool.. james the boy whos always smiling at me, asked me to dance with him..
there are some parts where you have to dance with a partner, and some parts where many people dance in a row (like our "busstop".. i dont know if thats written correctly, but you know what i mean )

today the school newspaper came out and im on the first page with picture and interview, and a few minutes after oit came out, the first students, who didnt even know before that their school has an exchange student, were coming and wanna get to know me
AND im writing emails with a german boy who lives here.. he was born in frankfurt, lived in berlin until he was twelve, and then moved here (now hes 17).. maybe were gonna meet soon..

tomorrow we will be on our "christmas trip" to new orleans and arkansas till december 25th..
so, i hope you all will have a good christmas..
i dont know if i will have internet on the trip...

by the way, can you imagine that im already over here for 3 whole months today?!

however, im gonna pack my stuff now...

aah, one more thing, i have to tell you,.. my crazy dreams again! last night i dreamed that i was sitting in the car with sinja ( by the way, sinja, if you read that, i was also talking about you in the interview thats in the newspaper, and i told them that were planning to make a big trip through all the states after our abi.. hehe ) but the car was a time machine, and suddenly we were in the year 1600, at a pizza place, and 60 year old king was walking around there, and he wanted to marry me! i didnt want to, and fortunetely i found the way to go back to the future a few minutes before the wedding, and i won a prize when i came back, but i have no idea for what..
sorry but i had to tell you about this dream..

BIG SMOOCH to all of you
15.12.06 23:30

its official!!!

there's one more thing i have to tell you..
like a lot of you already knew, i was thinking about staying the entire school year.. my parents talked to team, and team talked to my host family and my high school, and now it's official that I'M GONNA STAY THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR...
i know, it sounds long, but its just 5 1/2 more months, and the time over here is running very very fast...
you know that i miss you, and that i miss being more independant (going out without asking all the time, travelling with public transportation and not always ask someone to take you to a place, and so on), but i also like my host family, and (some of the) people i met here and i want to do the graduation (with cap and gown haha) at my high school, i wanna be here for the prom, make my drivers license (i'll start the lessons after christmas), audition for the next (theatre)play and finally go to california after my stay...
yeppp,, you heard right.. my mum is gonna come for my graduation at the end of the school year , and then were going to california for two weeks together with sinja and her family :D :D :D isnt that totally awesome!!

however, i really gotta pack now..
have a merry christmas <3
15.12.06 23:39

heyyyyy :D

im soooo glad... were on our way to arkansas and were in an internet where they have internet
new orleans was awesome, but i will write you about everything when were gonna be back at our house...
thanks for all your nice emails and guestbook entries
the trip in the car doesnt seem so long to me as it really is... we had to drive two days to new orleans, 11hours and 7 hours.. but time went by so fast..
i was working on my senior project ( i made 30 pages power point), listened to music, and gloria has a dvd player on her lap top, so we can watch dvds ...
so, its not that bad, and we see A LOT of the countryside..
dont forget me..
i will write you again in a few days!
20.12.06 20:48

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