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Halloween! :D

Halloween was soo cool!.. Americans are just crazy haha
Even the teachers gave us candy at school..
In the evening when it was dark, Amber came to our house and I went trick or treating with her, Tabby and Gloria in Snow Hill.
After that we went to Farmville where even policemen and firefighters gave us candies and there was a big haunted house and halloween games.
There were soo many people! All dressed up, in all kinds of costumes: Scary, funny or just crazy. i was a hawaiian girl, amber a firefighter and tabby lady of the flames. and gloria drew us a spider web in our faces.
Sinja wrote me that she was a hippie, and thats funny because first i also wanted to dress up as a hippie ( but i couldnt afford the costume.. it was way too expensive)
2.11.06 23:29



We got our grades:
Spanish 1-->100 (A) ; English: --> A ;Algebra 2--> 105 (A) [i really dont know how i did that!] ; US history--> 92 (B)

Yesterday I had a homesickness day.. i really wanted to go home and hug someone!! Or just talk to someone of you i can really trust.. i was crying at school and also on the phone when i was talking to my mum..
but today its better again.

Another news: Mrs. Garcia, my spanish teacher, probably leaves the school
Two days ago she told us that it has always been her dream to teach and when she had another class, they made her mad and she ran out of the classroom and shouted "I quit!!" First we thought she might just said that because she was angry but it seems that she really leaves. So, probably I cant join the culture club because she is leading it.
But next week i will finally go to the shag (dance) club the first time!

haha do you know what aaron called me today? "smooch-pie" lol [heisst so viel wie knutsch torte oder so ]

i hope you guys will make some new guestbook entries! i really love to read them! miss ya
2.11.06 23:41

i hope youre all doing good
actually i wanted to make a new entry about my weekend and everything but i dont have enough time right now ( i gotta study for my history test about world war 1 tomorrow)
so, hopefully i will have some time to write tomorrow
hugs and kisses :D
6.11.06 23:45

Last weekend

Last Friday after school we went to the movies and watched "flushed away". Actually it was a movie for children but it was pretty funny though.
After that we had dinner at Wendys where we met wade, and then we went to K-mart (like wal mart?!)..
while everyone was looking for half-price halloween stuff, i was looking for CDs, and suddenly a boy smiled at me, came to me and asked me if i had a boyfriend.. we talked a little bit ( and again he was one of those who think that the german accent sounds cute) and he gave me his email address but probably i wont write him :P
however, on saturday i had a sleepover at allie's house (wow! they have a great neighborhood.. looks so beautiful!)..
we had a lot of fun:
first we went shopping at the mall in greenville. i bought some jeans, a scarf, a CD (actually i wanted to send this CD to sinja but now i listened to it and i liked it so much that i will probably keep it haha Im sorry sinja.. love u) and allie and i bought the same socks.. you know these smooth colorful socks that look so funny.. and ours have penguins on them haha they are cute..
after that we went to a chinese restaurant (i almost died.. i think im allergic to some kind of vergetable that was in there.. suddenly i couldnt breathe and my eyes were very red). i ate 4 plates!!! so, now you can all imagine that im getting fat! haha and then we went to starbucks.. i had a "double chocolate chip"-drink. that was so good! if you have the chance, try it!!
when we went back to her house (man, i love her car! i wanna have the same one! ),we watched the movie "how to lose a guy in 10 days" and in the next moring we went to church where we met tabby and gloria and went to sunday school.

In the Chinese restaurant something strange happened to me: somehow i forgot that im in america and that i have to speak english, and i started to talk in an english german mix to allie.. she didnt understand a word and i was totally confused about the languages.. i dont know what was going on with me.. sometimes i wish they all could speak german and then it would be easier to express what i mean..

Today, when i came home from school, there was a little package lying on my bed and it was from sinjas parents.. they sent me photos from the airport (when i was leaving) and when i saw them i had to cry almost one hour..
especially my daddy looks so sad on the photos..
and theres one photo where my mum looks as if she took drugs hahaha ( sorry mum )
anyways, thank you SOO much ingo and gudi for the photos..
that was so nice of you! and i also like the letter you wrote me..

ok, thats all for today.. i really need to write my research paper for the senior project now.
have a good night.. sleep well and dont forget me
love y'all :D
8.11.06 01:08

hey ho

domi just wrote me an email because she has found the picture of Julia, herself and me (that was taken on the empire state building) in the internet
go to:
then you plug in the date: september 16th 2006
where it says "photo ID number", you type in : 1681
and the location is empire state building.. i hope you will find it
yesterday, mathias called me and we talked more than one hour, the day before yesterday i talked to sinja, today my daddy called me, tomorrow i will talk to my mum, and somehow im talking to anyone every day i know that i actually shouldnt do that because i will get more homesick but somehow i need it right now.. i have a phase where i really miss many people.. i hope my host family doesnt mind that im on the phone so often..
anyways, tomorrow we wont have school because its a national holiday i think its called veterans day and it has something to do with war.. so, we already have weekend..yay! :D
on saturday we will watch a play at the college (then i finally get to see the college from the inside :D sinja told me so much about it and she said i really gotta see that!)
tomorrow i will go jogging, and i think i will really do it!! i know that you all think that i wont do it anyway now, but i WILL do that! lol im getting fat! haha and i need some sports!!
hope to hear from you..
10.11.06 00:49

oh gosh, im tired!! we went to a mall all day long, which means shopping, shopping, shopping :D
and now gloria and wade have a date ( <3 ) and they borrowed a dvd for me and tabby that we can watch while theyre gone.. the movie is called "just my luck".. i dont know if you know it.. its with lindsay lohan.
ah, and what i wanted to tell you: the weather here is just crazy.. its the middle of bnovember and we have t-shirt and short pants weather
i mean, i really like that.. it could stay like that the whole winter :D
11.11.06 00:02

helau! ;)

its so crazy that carnival is already beginning again in germany today.. my mum went (like every year) to cologne to celebrate that.. oh yes, shes as crazy as i am but please dont drink tooo much mum
we went to the college in greenville watching the play "james and the giant peach", and sinja was right.. th colleges are HUGE!! and i really can understand why she said that she wanna go to college.. but in my opinion it looks different to highschools, not these lockers everywhere and stuff like that..
now im gonna watch tv with my host family..
12.11.06 01:30

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