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4 days in charleston/south carolina

Day 1: after a 6-hour-drive, we arrived in the evening. So, we just walked around a little bit, ate some chinese food and tabby and i went in the fitness room in our hotel.. it felt so good to do some sports!! i feel so fat because of all the fast food and the driving with the car all the ime instead of walking..

Day 2: In the morning i went to church with gloria and then i we went to a market with many gift shops. walking around there was so great: it was pretty hot ( about 30 C ) and there were palm-trees everywhere on the sideways of the streets.. i loved it! :D
This day i also went shopping with gloria. i bought a billabong-shirt and i saw such a cool jeans but it was too short
but gloria said we might find the same store in north carolina when we're gonna go shopping there one day..
in the evening we had supper in an italian restaurant and after that we went to cold stone.. (now i know why americans love it so much.. it was definitely the best ice-cream i've ever eaten.. but tooo much!)

Day 3: In the morning we went to an IMAX theater and to an Aquarium (with fish, sharks,snakes,spiders,birds,turtles,..). There we had a great view of this huge bridge of charleston.
we spent some time there (aah, i just love the sea! :D ) and then we had lunch at a greek restaurant and it was soo good!
i ate tzatziki and my hostmum had never heard of that before, but she tried and loved it.. hehe
After that i checked my mail in a coffe shop and i drank a hot chocolate (made of white chocolate ;D very good!!)
In the evening we ate at "bubba gump" and i'm sure you guys remember the movie forrest gump and his friend bubba who always wanted to have a shrimp company.. thats why they called their restaurant like this.. In the bathroom and everywhere on the walls you could see photos of the movie and we also had to do a quiz about the movie.. that was so cool! as i already said i was a shrimp restaurant but since i dont eat seafood, they fortunately had also things like BBQ-pork-burger..
Later we went to some Candy Shops and everything looked so delicious! when you walk through it, you wish you could buy EVERYTHING! (hehe.. now you all know why I'm getting fater and fater)

Day 4: In the morning we finally went to the beach and it was so beautiful there! the sand was white and everything reminded me a little bit of florida last year..
the water was pretty warm and tabby and i jumped over all these big waves. she really is like a little sister to me and i love her.. and it sounds so cute when she tries to say "ich liebe dich!" hihi
anyways, we had a great time!
now i have to do all the stuff that i missed at school on monday and tuesday and that is very very much!
apropos school.. i got my very first test back today: spanish..
and i got a 100!! :D
5.10.06 02:09


The last week

this day was kinda cool.. its getting better at school! everyone asked me where i had been the last two days and some said that they had missed me :D
in 1st period i got my very first spanish test back and it was a 100!!

this was definitely the best schoolday since i am here!!
this day we went to the library in greenville with our english class(to do some research for the senior porject),which means with all those cool people i like.
we went there with one of these cool american school buses (it was my first time to ride with one of them) and i sat next to aaron. we were talking all the time and even in the library we were writing letters (because we had to be quiet). it was fun.. hes soo cool!
after the library we had 45 minutes freetime to go eating. i went with aaron and his friends to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and it was a lot of fun. it was the first time that i felt like I'm having friends over here.
Back at school we had to go to the gym for 30 minutes
because it was college-day. alot of students said hello to me or just smiled, and then amber (the girl from my spanish class that smiles at me on my very first school day) came to me and asked me if i wanted to come to her volleyball game that night and she gave me her cell phone number..
in the afternoon i went there with tabby and it was pretty cool.. for sure the team of our school won
after the game amber came to me, gave me a hug and and said "thanks for coming"..
it was a really good day!!!

i had a very weird dream that night.. i suddenly was back in germany, and i called team if i can fly back to snow hill because the 5 months went by so fast.. and i cried because i just wanted to go back... and suddenly my cell phone-alarm clock woke me up and the first thought i dah was " oops, I'm still here! " i mean its a strange feeling.. of course i wanna see all you guys again but i think i'm not ready to go back yet because theres still so much to explore and to learn here, and besides i really like my hostfamily!
it would be cool if all of you would be here with me!! :D

At school i had my first presntation in front of the class (in english) and i was very very nervous but they all supported me and evryone was clapping when i finished
Mrs. Garcia, my spanish teacher, asked me if i wanted to join the culture club. they're planning a big project "Christmas around the world" and there i could tell something about christmas in germany.. porbably i will join it!.. and i still wanna join one of the sport teams!

this weekend we went to atlantic beach here in north carolina.. actually it was cool but its getting colder i mean, you still can go outside with short clothes but its not that hot anymore.. and its raining a lot..
on the trip we had a lot of fun and some very funny and weird conversations.
for example: i went in the bathroom and the soap was called "beach mist".. i asked my hostfamily what mist means in emglish and then i explained them the german meaning..

and then, tabby tried to say "ich bin AUS deutschland.." but instead of that she said " ich bin arsch" lol
i told them what that means and we had to laugh soo much..
however,.. i wish you guys a good night!
write me some emails!
bye bye
8.10.06 23:20

wrong zip code!!

team has given me a wrong zip code..
the zip code of snow hill is NOT 28582!!

it is Snow Hill, NC 28580!
.. in case someone of you wants to write me a letter or somethin'
9.10.06 22:53


guys, i finally got my laptop, so i'm able to answer your emails at school now and i already uploaded all the songs from my mp3 player hehe
the last two days were kinda cool..
yesterday we had ram pride.. its a festival at school where the school band plays and the homecoming king has been voted there.. tomorrow at the homecoming football game, they will vote the homecoming queen!
however, there were also lots of funny game.. and i played a strange music game with aaron and we won a cake!! lol
tabby also had a lot of fun with throwing cream in a teachers face haha

today, the seniors got their senior t-shirts with all the names on it...mine is on it,too.. thats cool.

i'm looking forward to the game tomorrow! :D it's probably gonna be a lot of fun!

i love u all!

sinja, i was so glad that we could finally talk to each other again.. i was happy to hear your voice,and i'm sure we'regonna do what we said and we'll have the best time of our life when we come back,and do lotsof crazy things (as we always did)
tady,i'm still waiting for your call and mathias, for yours,too!
13.10.06 00:58


We got our first "Report Card"..its like a "Zwischenzeugnis" and you get it every 6 weeks:
i have a 100 in English
a 98 in spanish
a 95 in math
and "incomplete" in history (because i didnt write any tests in history yet)
my average is 97!
(For those of you who asked me about the grades: from 100 till 93 is an "A" which would be a "1" in Germany, and when you get less than 70 you failed!)
15.10.06 00:06


Finally it was Homecoming!! and it was definitely a lot of fun!!
At school i wore a white hat with a flower (--> hat day) and i had lunch with 4 girls who asked me the craziest questions about germany..
in 4 th period we didnt have history. instead of class, the whole school came to the football field, where they introduced the football players for the game that night and where they made a running competition, and of course the Seniors won!! :D And they gave "Spirit Points" to the loudest crowd.. and the seniors won again! ;D hehe
we were divided in different places and always when they sai things like "We wanna hear the Seniors!" everyone was screaming and cheering.. that was amazing! it would never be like this in germany..
After school, sabine and tady called me and at 4'o'clock, tabbt and i went to watch the parade in main street,snow hill.
In the evening i went to my first football game ever.
i sat next to christian (hes in my english class and hes from mexico) and it was soo cold!! the day before it was 80F (--> 28 grad) and that day it was suddenly between 30 and 40 F (--> almost 0 Grad)!
in the halftime-break we wanted to buy a hot chocolate but since everyone wanted to have one,they only had cold drinks left. We met amber and aaron and i ate a cheeseburger..
aaron stayed with us and sat next to me in the second half.
at the end, we also met katelynn (shes in my english class )
with her boyfriend and talked to them..
Of course greene central won the football game (27:20)! tehy made 3 great touchdowns! i dont understand the whole game yet but the most important things.. so, it was great! and the atmosphere was awesome, everyone was cheering and the band was playing.
And they also nominated the homecoming queen.. its ashley (i dont know her.. but somehow almost every girl's name is ashley lol )
i bought a greene central t-shirt with the colors of our football team and after the game aaron actually wanted to drive me home but my host mum was already on the way to pick me up.. so he waited until she came!
now we're eating pizza...
bye bye
15.10.06 00:26

the last few days

On sunday we went to church and its really not that boring as it is in germany..
gloria had to sing and she has a wonderful voice (tabby too, i think she even could become famous with her voice, if she continues practising!)
In church, they introduce all the guests before they start, so tabby introduced me and when she said the words "from germany" you could hear a "wow! from germany!" all through the church.. and they started clapping! hehe
and one major thing thats different: you dont just get the communion, you can also drink the wine (if you want to)...
however, after church we went to sunday school (its religion class because here in america they dont teach religion in public schools).. there i met many people at my age (from different high schools) and after class i talked to a girl and a boy, rachel and ace and they both were very nice.. rachel told me that her mum used to live in germany. so, i talked to her mum and guess where she lived!? in eltville!! lol isnt that crazy?
next saturday i will go to an amusement park (with rollercoasters and stuff like that xD hehe) with that sunday school group, and ace and i are writing mails now and he said hes gonna take me to the movied some day.

on monday i got the package from my mum with my winterjacket (it didnt fit in my luggage) and she included many german candies like milka, haribos, marzipankartoffeln (i just love them!!), smarties, etc.. :D thanks mum!
and at school amber asked me if i would like to go from house to house with her on halloween.. and before that we wanna go shopping and buy some crazy halloween costumes..

yesterday we had "log-down" at school which means they showed us how to act in case there is a gun-shooting at school. so,everyone had to sit on the floor between the tables and chairs in the dark classroom..

and right now everything is very stressful because ana, the translater is coming in a few minutes, i have to interview her and then finish my notecards for the senior project. besides i have to learn the english vocabulary (for the test on friday) and for the history test tomorrow.. its a lot of work, and tonight i wanna watch a movie with tabby..
i love u guys!
18.10.06 23:14

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