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noch 5 tage!!

so.. jetz sind es nur noch 5 tage.. so langsam bin ich ganz schön aufgeregt.. aber ich freu mich total auf nyc und meine gastfamilie zu treffen..
ich glaub die sind echt voll lieb.. die bombardieren mich jeden tag mit mindestens 2 oder 3 emails und wollen voll viel mit mir unternehmen, mir noch einige andre staaten zeigen und zum beispiel mit mir ans meer fahren.. :D
aber ich geh jetz erstmal mit meiner mum essen und genieße nochmal schön das deutsche essen
10.9.06 12:05


nur noch ein paar stunden...

so, ich melde mich jetzt noch ein letztes mal aus dem schönen deutschland...
meine flug geht in 5 stunden und ich bin schon so ziemlich aufgeregt (hab aber beruhigungstabletten für den flug und die julia und die domi ham mir erlaubt dass sich ihre hände beim start zerquetschen darf lol )!!
gestern abend waren wir nochmal mit allen beim griechen essen und das war echt voll schön ,was sich alle für ne arbeit für mich gemacht und sich so tolle sachen einfallen lassen ham.. echt total süß! also, an dieser stelle mal nen riesen knutscher an euch alle
heut abend sitze ich dann also in nyc und futter nur noch fast food und komm dann in 5 monaten als fetter klos zurück haha
.. außer ich gewinne meine sportwette (insiders only xD )
naja, also nochmal schöne grüße an euch alle..
ich werd euch vermissen und ich hoffe ihr vergesst mich nich!!
schreibt mal was in mein gästebuch
ciaoi und bis bald! :D

special message to mike: i heard that i'm not allowed to go to myspace over there.. if thats true we'll have to find another way to talk..
but i'm sure everything will work out..
my next guestbook entries will be in english, so you will understand them!
15.9.06 11:57


(ich hoffe alle die kein englisch koennen,finden irgendjemand der alles uebersetzen kann)

DAY1: At the airport when we had to say goodbye everything was very sad. i tried not to cry but that wasnt very easy because almost everyone cried.. but i think i did a good job beside of 2 or 3 tears. They all gave me a hug and some of them had some very cute presents.. for example my parents gave me a little "guardian angel", sinjas mum bought me the foever young cd which is "our song"! , ...
then i had to go.. Alone! but i found my gate ( i even had to take off my shoes at the securities) and there i met all the other exchange students, also domi and julia who i already knew from the "preparation" in frankfurt.
the flight was ok (i took some pills that calmed me down hehe) and i fortunately fell asleep for 2 hours (so i missed the movie which was shown in this time ) The food on board was horrible and i asked myself the same question all the time..: why is every steward gay?! thats strange lol
at the end of the flight i panicked.. i grabbed julias hand because we had turbulances. first we were to km from nyc and suddenly 25 km.. we had "to wait in the air" because there was another plane at our gate, and after our horrible landing we still had to wait 90 minutes in the plane.
after getting our luggage and giving the securities the tickets we had to fill out on board (questions like "do you bring illnesses in our country? -.- ) and giving them a little interview why we are going to the usa, we got to our bus and drove through Queens and Brooklyn and it was raining
far away we already could see the skyline of manhattan at night.. it looked so great!! you cant imagine..
after driving through a tunnel, we finally were in manhattan! and it was midnight..
our hotel was between central park and broadway and although the hotel itself was very nasty, we had a breathtaking view out of the window: 11th floor and you could see central park and in the background all those skyscrapers.
i calles my mum when we arrived and we finally got to bed at 2 am which is 8 o clock in the morning in germany.. so you can imagine how tired eveyone was.. and we knew we would have to get up at half past 6 the next morning :S
All night long you could hear sirenes and horns(Im not sure if this is the right english word for "Hupen") of cars..

DAY 2: After having breakfast, we made a little sightseeing tour through new york: broadway, cantral park, 5th avenue (+ plaza hotel), times sqaure (i would have loved to get out of the bus and walked along there but we didnt have enough time) and ground zero.
But the best thing was when we were on the empire state building: on the paltform at the 86th floor.. the view was soo amazing!!
After that we went to Battery Park where we could see the Statue of Liberty and last but not least we saw the Brooklyn Bridge, and then we went over to Brooklyn. That was a big contrast: First Manhattan with all its skyscrapers and suddenls Brooklyn with small little ghettos and graffities on every wall.. although it is the same city..
We had a last look at the skyline of manhattan and had lunch in new jersey. there i bought an "i love NY"-shirt because i didnt have enough time to do that in ny.
all in all, NYC was soo great! i love it! some day i will go there again! with more time to see EVERYTHING. however, my biggest dream came true!
Our trip led us to Philadelphia, where we saw the Liberty Bell, Independance Hall, walked around for a while ant took some crazy photos ; went on to Baltimore where we had dinner at the harbour and went in the Hard Rock Cafe (Daddy, i got a t-shirt for you hehe) and finally we got to our luxury hotel in washington dc.

DAY3: The breakfast at the hotel was soo tasty! i ate soo much (cornflakes, frits and stuff like that) because i couldnt see all the fast food anymore :P
We went to the John F. kennedy Gravesite, White House, Lincoln Memorial, washington monument and the Pentagon.
The weather was so hot! but nevertheless i have a cold since i am here. i guess its because of the "klimaanlagen" ( ^^ ) everywhere.
then we went to a Mall hihi and there i bought some t-shirts and we found an internet cafe and i could read all your emails and your guestbook entries..
In the evening we watched a theater. it was so funny!! we were laughing all the time!

DAY4: In the morning we took a group photo in front of the Capitol and after that we had 5 hours freetime. actually they wanted us to visit differnt kinds of museums in this time. but nora and i were too lazy. so, we relaxed a little on apark bank (and i even got a sunburn) and we ate at mc donalds with the others. In the evening we went to an italian restaurant by metro and we ate spaghettis.
After that i took a shower, we got our group photos, we were checked our flight tickets and i went to bed..

DAY5: At the airport was the first time when i realized that im here alone now for such a long time..
the journey till now was like a summer vacation because the cities were s great and i got along so well with all the others..
21.9.06 16:56


omg! my flight was so horrible! it was my very first flight alone and i was so scared! the plane was for only 30 persons! :S
Up in the air there was made an announcement and i only understood some words like "turbulances, landing, remain seated,..." and finally we landed but nobody got out of the plane. i was wondering whats going on until there was made another announcement that we would fly to raleigh in about one hour. that was when i noticed that we had made an emergency landing in "i dont know where" because of the storm.. after waiting 50 minutes we had to wait another 15 minutes to Raleigh where we finally could get out of the plane. my host family was already waiting at the airport with a little "willkommen julia"-sign which was very cute..
tabitha, my 11-year-old hostsister, even started to cry when she saw me and she said she was happy to see me..
On the way to Snow Hill (it took 2 hours from the airport), we went to a Fast Food rastaurant (i didnt eat anything but i drank this great lemonade. its the same as it was in florida last year.. i love it! , and later we finally got to the house. its a very nice house and the street and the neighborhood is typical american.. everyone has a big backyard and so on..
i love all those animals the family has, especially the kitten! its the cuest thing ive ever seen!
however, at home i got to know my hostdad Wade who also seems to be very nice.
i gave them my presents and i went to bed. i was soo tired because i didnt sleep very much the last few days and i still have a Jet Lag.
The next morning i packed out my bags, wrote some postcards and played some games with Tabby (she didnt go to school cause she felt sick). She showed me their backyard and the street.
In the afternoon we went to a chinese restaurant and after that to my highschool. My Counselor was very nice. i probably will participate in US history, Maths (algebra2), English and spanish 1.. they only have 4 different subjects in the 1st semester and in the second one you have to choose another 4.
the bad thing is: they dont have french
then, they asked me if i wanted to do any sports and when i said yes, they immediately introduced me to the basketball coach because thats the only kind of sport where there havent been any try-outs yet.
Actually i wanted to become a cheerleader but basketball is OK with me,too. Maybe i will participate in a Dance Club every Thursday at all.
Anyways, the coach showed me the gym (it really looks like in MTV Made!) and introduced me to a girl who plays in the volleyball and in the basketball team..
Outside all those football players were training.
In the evening i went inline skating with tabitha, we ate pizza and i checked my emails.
when i went to bed i listened to the CD, sabine and tady made for me.. i love it.
ok, i think, i've written enough now. i hope to hear from you guys! i'm looking forward to every mail i will get from you!
+big kiss+
21.9.06 17:28


oh guys, when i woke up this morning I was soo nervous! Gloria drove Tabby (shes still at middle school) and me to school. we dropped tabby off first and then we went to my counselor who gave me my schedule and told me they had decided to put me in 12th grade.. so, im a senior now.
my first lesson was spanish. the counselor brought me to my classroom when the lesson already had started. so, everyone was staring at me and i was just smiling and said "hi" in a very shy way. i took a seat next to a black guy.
spanish wasnt very difficult. the only bad thing was that they already have learned the numbers from 0 till 100 in spanish and i will have to do that at the weekend.
in the class there was a girl who smiled at me all the time and after the lesson she even started talking to me. the teacher was very nice, too. she told me about her relatives in germany.
my second subject was english. i guess its gonna be my favorite subject! i love the students in this class and also my teacher! i had to introduced myself and after that everyone was clapping their hands.. they all like germany. but their first question to me (what else could it be?!) was " can you really drink alcohol at the age of 16?" lol and when i said yes, some of them said they wanna move there.. haha
however, we didnt do very much.. we just watched the news on tv and listened to some presentations.
3rd period was math.. to be honest, i didnt understand anything. ive never heard of all these expressions before. during this period we had lunchtime. fortunately, there was a boy (i forgot his name) who showed me the cafeteria and sat next to me while having lunch.
there was also a boy who said i was sweet and who told everyone that im his girlfriend.. suddenly a girl asked me "oh really? youre his girlfriend?" and i was just like "WHAT?!" lol
after that period i met a very cute teacher.. she was born in germany and has been living over here for many many years. bur her german is still good. she even gave me her cell phone number in case i got any problems..
my last period was US history. theyre talking about the civil war at the moment. it was OK but as you all know.. i really dont like history!! :P
a girl (the one that sat next to me in history) told me you can do your drivers license at school. so, i will discuss that with my counselor, with my host family and of course with my parents.. that would be soo cool!! :D especially because its so much cheaper than in germany..
and the second thin i have to ask my counselor is the laptops. every student on this school gets their own lap top. you only have to pay its insurance and you have to give it back to your school at the end of the school year. so, you can imagine that most of them are in the internet instead of doing what the teachers want them to do.. hehe
anyways, after school i was baking cookies with tabby and gloria, then we went to a circus (that was the worst one i've ever been to , although the last time i went to a circus is about 8 years ago..) and in the evening i got to know my area rep jody and her family. they invited us for having barbeque and it was very very good she has a 17-year-old daughter who said we could hang out some time.
ok, thats all for today..
i'm not doing very much today.. i just came back from the inline skating with tabby and i still have to do lots of homework
tomorrow were gonna go to church..
ah, one thing i forgot: i start thinking and dreaming in english!! :S thats so strange lol
23.9.06 22:50


hey guys.. i cant write very much right now because we're sitting in a library
i just wanted to tell you that i will probably get my drivers license over here..
today when we had spanish a woman came to our classroom and wanted to talk to me.. we went to her office and she asked me what im interested in.. i asked her about the license and she immediately called a man who wanted to meet me at 11:15h... and he's gonna be my "driving teacher"..
however, not very much changed since my first day at school.. i'm still hanging around alone the most of the time.. but i hope that will change soon.
this weekend we will go to south carolina and i bet it's gonna be great!
ok, we will go eating now and after that i will have to learn a lot for school because i will write my first two tests tomorrow..
i think math is gonna be good because i understand everything.. but i dont understand anything in history and the test is TOMORROW :S
however, i miss u all very very much and i love u!!
bye bye
26.9.06 23:51


hey ho =D
i had my first tests today..
math was ok.. i think i got everything.. but i forgot to name the x- and the y-intercept..
history was horrible.. i got my sheet and when i had a look on it, i only thought one thing: WHAT?? after 5 minutes i told my teacher that i dont understand that and that i cant do that..
these questions were so difficult.. and there were words that i've never heard before. but my teacher said it was ok and that i can do some homework or listen to music because they had already started with the topic "civil war" when i arrived here..
however, we're having dinner now..
see you later
28.9.06 00:31

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